12 January, 2009

Crochet notes

I am looking through the www.crochetpatterncentral.com patterns for valentine/heart type projects. I love these little hearts:

I am really wanting to make an afgan for DLF, I am hoping it will be something he can keep on his bed and think of me at least some of the time. He isn't returning my calls or texts currently. I need to mail his Christmas gift, but wanted to see if he preferred a visa gift card or cash.
I will just send a visa gift card I suppose, it will work for most anything he likes.
I do hope and pray that he comes out next summer to visit. I miss him so much.

THis is totally fun and I want to make one: http://www.freecraftunlimited.com/crochet-sweetheart-pillow.html but, then I have to fight feeling like my grandmother. When I was young, I remember looking at some of the things she made thinking "What in the world was she thinking"?. Now, I see these little patterns, and feel that relaxing calm that comes from making something with my hands, and think to myself "How cute is that!?! Then I make up the silly little pattern for the thingy that I know my children think "What in the world was she thinking?" I will say this for myself. I don't make them crazy things and then expect them to wear them and get upset if they don't. Mostly, I let them choose something if they want me to crochet for them. That way noone gets their feelings hurt.
I will say on my own behalf, that I am quite colorblind (reaffirmed yet again at my latest eye appointment by a lovely lady eye doctor that tested me because "women are very rarely colorbli nd" - yes, I already knew that..........) so, my dear love of bright colors and such means I am quite the "artsy" type to most of the people who know me.

So, I printed out a few patterns (I have a notebook that holds my patterns, it is just a 3 ring binder, and some page protecters for the little do-dads I pick up from here and there, you know those free patterns at the store, and then there was the crochet calendar I got a few years ago).

I will try to post a picture when I choose and finish my project.

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