10 January, 2009

Just checkn in..........

Tomorrow is the Baptism of the Lord.
I have our mass sheets all printed out, instead of trying to cram it in tomorrow morning.
I go to these 2 places for mass sheets:
The Open Wednesday page: http://www.darientel.net/~schoettl/openwed/ she is so fabulous!
Catholic mom for Sunday mass sheets - coloring, lesson plans and so on.
This is a new to me site with excellent printables:

I finished our 1st semester report cards and have them all ready for Jody tomorrow at mass. This is a new thing for me with Fl laws. Tx was quite different.

My mother and father in law are visiting, and MJB took 3 vacation days to spend time with them. It is a real dog pound around here now. Belle (their dog) is ENOURMOUS. I will try to pop up a picture.

I have almost all of Christmas down and have gotten the Valentine rubbermaid out of the attic. I love, love, LOVE St. Valentine's day. All pink, and red and hearts and lacy. LOVE IT!

Next week, MJB returns to work, and we return to school. We sure can't take off January for company - reforming good habits would be a booger bear.

I ordered "Holy Papers" ebook from CHC. Love it, too.

More later.

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