25 April, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I have always been interested in being frugal, in being a good steward of God's creation and in saving money.

I have always wanted to make a rag rug. I am doing some research, trying to learn just how to do it. http://www.rugmakershomestead.com/ This site has some excellent information, and I guess I will buy a book so that I can start. I have a big sack of clothes that I was going to send to Goodwill - I guess I can start by cutting strips and winding them into balls. Then I will be ready to start. I like the looks of the toothbrush rug, the crochet rug, and the bohemian one looks super nifty too.

This blog has loads of thrifty crafts! I have been reading a blog lately on redesigning clothes in the effort to buy no new clothes and seen so many fabulous recycling ideas. Somedays, I look at my 'trash' - clothes I won't wear, empty bottles, can, and containers, plastic bottles.

I see ladies that bond plastic bags together and sew them into totes, crochet with cassette tape, plastic bags, vhs tape, you name it. It is all so amazing.

I want to try it all. I love to do crafts, and could just do them all the time.

My quandry is how to work this in to my life - recently I have been thinking that what I need is an afternoon per week that I use to do crafts. Preferably, with my children.

I figure, since it is almost May, we could start with making Christmas gifts. The season will roll around all too soon.


with a bit more browsing, look what I found - a gift planner!

I love printables.

Forms, forms, forms! I love forms!

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