12 November, 2009

New Phones

This is the new phone Gabrielle and I are getting.
She picked it out.
When she and daddy get home from the Sprint store, I will be taking the brand new birthday phone away from her.  I am sure it will be ugly -
I am going through a disciplinary issue with all of my girls right now.
So, follow through  becomes VITAL.


so cute!  I have made the rosary http://littlehouseinthesuburbs.com/2008/12/crocheted-rosary.html and several more using "garland"  directions.  Maybe I will whip out some crochet garland for Christmas this year.  Or have the little girls do some.  That will be an easy learning pattern I think.

I am about to finish Mary's afgan, and am needing to choose a new pattern.
I was looking at Crochet Pattern Directory...........
love that site.
I just wish my grannies were still alive.  I'd make them both one!

fun christmas presents I think.

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