30 December, 2009

On the 6th Day of Christmas

2 Thessalonians 2: 14, to "stand firm; and hold the traditions which you have learned."
6 geese a laying = 6 days of creation.............

I am overthinking about my goals & resolutions for the New Year I think.
I have a million things swimming around in my head I want to accomplish.
I think ok, I will start this...   Then I walk through a room,  see 3 other things I need to get done also, do a quicky on the way by make a mental note (I keep losing these notes!) and then figure out what I originally set out to do.
I think my biggest problem right now, is that I want to take my Christmas tree, and all the decorations except for the Nativity set down.  My family wanted it up for another week - so it will come down this weekend.
Normally, I really throw down for decorations this time of year.  We have things we have collected over the years made, and inherited.  I don't reach the heights my favorite brother-in-law & sister-in-law achieve (they are on this tour of homes ride in their city, and they dress up like Santa and Rudolf - all the kids come and deliver their Christmas wished/lists to them.  They really ROCK!  He takes a week vacation and they spend all that time plus putting up everything and decorating every single room in the house and the outdoors for the holiday.     Anyway, not this year - I just couldn't take the clutter and the stress. 

My mother and my mother-in-law are absolutely artists at decorating.  My mother was an interior designer for years and years, and both are artists in various areas and crafts.  My point being,  I come by all this naturally.  I used to think it was normal - then I started looking around at friends homes and noticed I was mistaken.  :0)
And, I just thought people were being polite when the commented on my decorations.  I didn't realize they were in shock!

This year, because my parents have just moved in I wanted to keep it a little more simple. 
We put up the tree, a few items here and there, decorated the banister and shelves in the livingroom naturally.
But, I left much of the extra decorations in the attic. 
Normally, my family is happy if I don't try to take it all down Christmas night. Not this year.
I just can't take the mess - it seems to be inside of every gift that we get - a little extra mess for free!
So, today, I rearranged a bit. 
Nativity to the piano, linens picked up and plans for what goes where this weekend.
How much of this is trying to control what I can?
Thoughts to ponder............

Here are some of my To Do's -
I'll throw it out here and see what sticks.

Today things:
Dinner - in crockpot and cooking
Sewing - Our lady of Guadelupe tote bags for the girls.
Look at McCalls patterns so I can send a list of ones to buy with mom & G1 tomorrow at Joanns fabric. (on sale .99)
Organize my closet
Put away our clothes
Clean G2s room

After today things:
move "Art Gallery" pictures from breakfast room
Make and hang idea board in breakfast room
Hang pictures in my room
Organize and sort books more
Clean & organize garage
Organize attic
call for charity pick up
Finish preparations for Mary's 1st Communion Notebook.
Find the time to devote to doing the activities with her
Plan rest of CCD year lesson plans.
Purge, purge, purge, purge

In the next year..................

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