24 March, 2010

The garden is in!

Temp - 70
Partly Cloudy and pleasant.

These are my blackberry bushes.  They are on the back side of our fence in our CRP - (stands for you pay for it by you can't use it.

Our blueberry bushes are in these tomatoe cages for now, they are also on the back side of our fence.

These are dresser drawers, we used to have them hung on the wall as part of a shelving display with old drawers, sort of like this, only child friendly, they were screwed into our solid concrete and steel walls of our old house.  Now, they ae containers for our plants.  We painted them and each of the children got to plant their own.
Left to Right
1.  lettus
2. oregano
3.  dill & thyme
4.  basil & marjoram
5.  cilantro & radish

Here is our garden, only 5 rows.  My dad made them really tall, which will be good - last year I could have grown rice, but hadn't really planned for a hydroponic thing.  So, needless to say, all my plants drowned last year.  We managed to eat a couple radishes, but nothing else. 
So, we don't have far to go to accomplish improvement.

The two round containers will be pole beans.  The big dogs got into them last evening, so I needed to brace them with cynder blocks.
I want to plant some marigolds in the holes of the cynder blocks now.

See the orange Home Depot buckets?  This is our version of the Topsy Turvy, but affordable, and it will actually take heavy use.  3 tomatoe plants on bottom, and jalopeno, chives and cilantro on top.
Hubby isn't freaking out over the "looks" of it all yet, so I am planning to plant more.

This is outside the kitchen/breakfast area window.  These are bushes we rescued from a neighbors trash.
My mom planted some little flowers of some sort down there in the front.  They won't grow, or last if they do - my dogs can trample our yard about as well as any herd of cattle.

A bit farther to the left, our bedroom windows.  More bushes, just with mulch.  I want to place some containers with more veggies back here.  It gets full sun.  Hmmm.  Something not to unsightly or appealing to the dogs.

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