27 April, 2010

Garden of the Good Shepherd

We got together with our friends yesterday for our first Good Shepherd's Garden Party.
We printed out the printables available at Waltzing Matilda's blog and I made each of the children a "book" to use to paste them into. 

Here are the two biggest girls making "rainbow" snacks with fruit.
Note the hair styles.

Rachel and Mary - sending moral support from the livingroom via wii mail.

Linnea, Elizabeth, and Bridgid still making rainbows, and eating fruit..
We waited until they were starving before we began.

Blueberries are Bridgid's favorite, Mary will give her anything she wants :0)

Banana boats, with peanut butter, pretzle masts, fruit rollup sails, and fish in the boat.

Sunshine pizza, the smile was in oregano, my children turned their noses up at the veggies in the sauce.  Next time, I puree!

And here are all the children, ready to eat.  See the whip cream can, those are our clouds.
We also had ice chip hail, and white grape juice rain. 
Everyone ate, and most of them made through several weeks of readings.
Just briefly, and not to much discussion.
Normally we probably would have, but all the kids were really tired from getting up extra early.

AAnother group shot with the boys on the end. 
We really did have a great time, all things considered.

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