15 April, 2010

Garden Update - April 15th

We found these bushes in the trash in our neighborhood. 
So, we brought them home, replanted them and then moved them again this year.
Being able to actually dig a hole is an all new experience.  The ground in Texas is clay or something horrible and impossible.

These are 'wild grapevines'.  They grow in the CRP behind our house.  Hubby has been pulling them over to try to get them to grow on our fence.

Ants - you probably can't see them.  I dropped Amdro on them.

This is a skeeter vac.  It is an amazing invention and it really works.  Which is great, because there are way too many mosquitos here in FL.
The black and white paper is sticky. This thing draws the mosquitos and the stick to the paper and die.  These little guys were hoping for a quick meal.  Those are dead lizards stuck to it.  You can't really see, but one dropped his tail trying to get unstuck.  Yuck, right?
I would have thought the dead first one would have frightened off any more.
Not so much.
These get changed like monthly.  We are trying to figure out a way to keep them from getting stuck to it. 

These are my morning glories.  Last year, I planted probably 100 packets (5/$1) of seeds.
They never came up.  One measly vine all summer.
Well, this year, I read the directions - and actually soaked them over night. 
It seems to be working!  I have lots of morning glories coming up.
I love morning glories!

These are my wild blackberry bushes.  A friend dug them up and brought them to me last year.  This year, it looks like they may grow some berries.  At least that's what I think the little balls mean.  Are they flowers?  Berries?  I will be reading the Handbook of Nature Study today.

Tomatoe plants.  See the one in the middle?
Is something amiss?
The dirt wasn't too dry, and the cilantro on top is doing well....
Closer examination reveals............

I believe a Jedi whacked it with a light saber.
Or, was trying to save the princess and swung on it. 
I am not sure.
According to my pupils, "not me" is to blame.
Who is that guy anyway?

seedlings are growing.
Except no Lavender or Coleus yet.

Green beans are doing well.
Cynder blocks have gardenia flowers planted in them.
They are supposed to smell bad and chase away the bugs "naturally".

My garden is growing!
My father is the king of mulch.
I am just hoping it prevents some of the "dollar weed".  Have to look that up too.  That stuff is everywhere.
Coming  from Texas to Florida really throws you off.
I have never even heard of most of this stuff.

Our herb boxes.
In row 2, I planted carrots last week because the green peppers didn't seem to be coming up.
I should have waited longer.

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onemotherslove said...

I saw your comment on the Crafty Crow's post about tomatoes in the 2L bottle. I was concerned that 2L would not be big enough for the tomatoe's root system. Have you done them hanging before?