15 April, 2010

More fun with friends

So, it's Monday now, and the weekend has in no way lessoned the keen interest they have in the trampoline. 
The faithful buddies, however, forgot the one at a time with you buddy only rule.

I am here, instructing the masses to smile for mommy and get off!

They attemp to escape by fleeing to the far side.

I catch an angel smiling.

Remove him from the trampoline, and instruct his buddy to take him to swing.

Ok, later that day....
We are bowling.  Keeping the one year old from whacking the pins and knocking them over was next to impossible.

He had no need for any bowling balls.

His buddy is not impressed by the third time she had to set up the pins.
The all begin yelling for help.

See mr. tie dye - this experience has been all new for him.  He is the youngest.  Noone ever showed up behind him to know him off the throne.  So, all this sharing and doing what the boys want has been challenging.

He has just drawn a chalk line to roll from.

The first time he went, he THREW the ball at the pins.
Hence, the chalk line and the more careful instructions.

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