30 June, 2010


(1) Simplicity fosters a more harmonious relationship with the Earth--the land, water, and air.

(2) Simplicity promotes fairness and equity among the people of the Earth.

(3) Simplicity cuts through needless clutter and complexity.

(4) Simplicity enhances living with balance--inner and outer, work and family, family and community.

(5) Simplicity reveals the beauty and intelligence of nature's designs.

(6) Simplicity increases the resources available for future generations.

(7) Simplicity helps save animal and plant species from extinction.

(8) Simplicity responds to global shortages of oil, water, and other vital resources.

(9) Simplicity keeps our eyes on the prize of what matters most in our lives--the quality of our relationships with family, friends, community, nature, and the cosmos.

(10) Simplicity yields lasting satisfactions that more than compensate for the fleeting pleasures of consumerism.

(11) Simplicity fosters the sanity of self-discovery and an integrated approach to life.

(12) Simplicity blossoms us in community and connects us to the world with a sense of belonging and common purpose.

(13) Simplicity is a lighter lifestyle that fits elegantly into the real world of the 21ST century."

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