01 November, 2010

All Saints Day in our family, this year

So, homeschooling is a pretty ugly business here in PA.
At least if you are more accustomed to the Texas way of doing things.

So, no Catholic homeschool group here that I have found yet.
I am still looking.

And our parish church had a haunted hay ride through the cemetary.
We didn't let that stop us, we dressed in our saints costumes anyway.

Check out St. Dominic - he has a tonsure!

So does the mini monk, but you can't tell in the picture.

Aren't they cute!

The blessed mother appeared to St. Dominic, right?

She wanted a rubber snake to tape to her shoe, but we can't locate it.

St. Kateri

They had a nice time.
And they looked sooooooo cute!

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