18 July, 2011

scapular photos

This is the first one I beaded.  After a dreadful rash in the FL humidity.
It was my practice, the next one looked much nicer.

The back.  I sew on the medals and then fabric glue them down.

We were beading the string on this one to see what we thought.
Not finished yet.

I am planning on going to Lorretto, PA where I was told there is a book store across from the Carmelite Convent that sells a larger brown scapular than I have seen before.  Like 3" square or so... I have been wanting a bigger one, so now I suppose is a good time.  I like having mine beaded because it makes it heavier and I can always feel it.  I like the continual reminder that I am wearing the scapular.  I have always told my children that it reminds me who I belong to and how I am supposed to live every moment.  I probably need to wear something the weight and size of a hubcap that bangs into my knees when I walk, but this will have to suffice :0)  A hubcap wouldn't fit under my clothes anyway.

I will post another picture when I get it, and when I finish beading it.

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