08 August, 2011

It has been a busy summer so far!
I am pretty well prepared for school, curriculum all chosen and purchased.  Am trying Classical Catholic Memory this year - it really looks great.  I just got our in the mail Saturday, so still in the process of reading through.  The kids are always excited about something new.

Also, just purchased the new Catholic Preschool Curriculum over at Catholic Icing.  Have done many of the activities there and at other blogs in the past - but having the information all pulled together in one place save me loads of time wasted surfing around on the net looking for this or that craft or activity I saw some other time.  We have been thinking lately of just what kinds of activities to havI hae for the two little ones when the adoption (please, God) goes through.  The kids are excitied about the adoption and the fun "littles" activities they remember doing in the past.

I have been working on/planning our schedule and chores lists for this school year. 
Greg & Mary both want Chore Packs, Elizabeth wants more of a chore chart.
Seems easy enough.

Found this new list of homeschool sites to visit - a few of them are even new, to me. 
The one blog I am looking over this hosts the "Not Back to School Bloghop" and "Not - week One". I always love seeing how other families homeschool, arrange their homes, schools, supplies and what others use for curriculum and all that jazz. 
Most of the time, knowing that other families struggle with the same questions, issues and difficulties - is enough to get me over the hump. 

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