25 July, 2008

2008-2009 School Year Elementary

Planning for the Year:

Language Arts:
English FYC, Spelling FYC, MCP Phonics C, Phonics Pathways
Catholic Mosaic
(optional resource - Simply Grammar)

Handwriting Resources: Handwriting FYC, Marie Picards Handwriting, Copywork, Holy Papers

Mathematics FYC & living books & games & real life

We are heavy into living the liturgical year and celebrating saints feast days, incorporating it into our family life at every opportunity. I have may resources for doing this, but would like to pin down my planning a bit more to save my "flying by the seat of my pants" time. I am doing the calendar for our homeschool group for the school year, so am hoping that the advance work will save me some time.
Religion FYC, Baltimore Cathechism (and I want to purchase the new lesson plans from Little Flowers Family Press)
A Year With God (CHC)
Living books galore

History: Medieval History
Using History Links & living books - titles will be added as we progress.
Timeline - Notebooks & Wall (in schoolroom)
(optional resource - Mystery of History)

& Florida History - we just moved here from Texas, so are learning about the state.

Apologia - Exploring Creation with Botany
Nature Study - moving to Florida finally got us off and running with nature study.

Simply Drawing DVD's from Seton
Artist Study (and Art History)

We make notebooks & lapbooks to supplement our learning.

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"Miss" Anita said...

Hi! I came here from a comment you left on Misty Krawsawski's blog.

I have a homeschool blog, too. (Yes, I know it's under a different name than my blogger blog.) :)

I've not been homeschooling very long, so it's very helpful and encouraging to see the curriculum and the ways things are organized by "veteran" homeschooling moms.

Thank you!