31 December, 2008

A New Year 2009

Well, I finally figured out how to get back into my blog - ha ha ha!

I have done poorly thus far with keeping a blog. Maybe I am just better off keeping it on paper and not even trying for one on the computer. Who knows?

In any event, I love New Years resolution time!
I find it amusing that so many people "don't make resolutions" - too many folks just blindly trying to be different I sometimes think.

Cindy Rushton's mommy homework this week was on resolutions, here was my answer:

1. What do you want most this New Year?Making New Years Resolutions is one of my very favorite activities. I am a list maker anyway, and love to plan. In the past, I have had to move on from planning to doing. A resolution fulfilled.This year, I want to build on some of the habits I have laid down in the past year. Our school day schedules and routines are firmly in place, and our habits are good - so now, I want to move on to doint more of the memory making, family building activities I long to share with my children. More read alouds, more nature walks, more games together, more crafts together, and more working together. More time at the beach, let’s enjoy living in Florida so close to the ocean!My parents will likely be moving nearer to us, so we will be going through some changes with that, but life is always throwing changes our way. This one will be a joy.Here are 2 resolutions that are “cliche” but never-the-less ones I have.1. I quit smoking, so I resolve to stay quit - that is the hard part for me. Give me a little stress (cross country move the last time) and bang! I hit the wall.2. Involves exercise - before our move, our entire family did Tae Kwon Do, we were very active and healthy. We have to find a new fitness program that fits for us here. We are all feeling the ill effects of not exercising. So I resolve to work out regularly again. Even if it is just me with my little work out video’s in the morning alone in the living room, I will get my fitness level back up to snuff.I have osteoporosis, so keeping fit is very important. I don’t want to die from emphasema or be hunched over like my late beloved granny!
2. What would make the biggest difference if you did it first? Second?Committing my new year’s plans to paper, and starting. Talking about my resolutions with my dh, even though he teases me about it :0) these are the things that cement my plans, and seal the deal.
3. What have you been putting off that really needs to be on your calendar?My doctors appointments, they are on the calendar in January now.
4. What will you commit today to do this year to make this year really count?I commit to remain the one who keeps everyone going in the right direction. My family needs me to co-ordinate, manage and plan - to remind them what we are aiming at, to point them in the right direction when they misstep or forget.To say “Are we ready to begin our prayer time” at night, and to say “let’s go to school” in the morning - things like that.This is my job, and my joy!I resolve to see the joy in my duty, to embrace and love it. Not just occaisionally when I think of it, but each moment of each day. It is so easy when I stand back and look at all that I have - to see the privilege I enjoy, and yet so easy to become frustrated, irritated or annoyed at the little things along the way. This year I resolve to change that attitude, to erase that bad attitude and replace it with the love and devotion I feel to these beloved angels God has allowed me to parent - and the man who calls me his wife.

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