02 January, 2009


I was reading CHC's newsletter and was thrilled to see that they are selling "Holy Papers" as an ebook now. I will be purchasing it tomorrow! from here: http://www.chcweb.com/catalog/category235_236/EBOOKHolyPapers/product_info.html

We are attending an Ephiphany party at a friends tomorrow. They are roasting a whole pig! G went over today to help out with the children and preparations. It was her own idea. She is really showing herself to be a considerate young lady these days.

My mother and father in law are here for a visit for a week or so. I am so pleased to have them here. We miss our family being so far away now. My parents will be coming out to see us at the end of the month. Praise God! I really do miss my parents terribly, and so do the kids.

Goals and Resolutions list for the New Year coming tomorrow.

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