04 January, 2009

2009 Resolutions/To Do List & so on

In what does my life consist except 2 things:
1. Active duties &
2. Passive Circumstances

The first is under my control - I will do these in God's name. The second is outside my control... to these I must submit in God's name. I must consider only the present and leave the past to Gods justice, the future to God's providence.
Perfection of personality does not consist in knowing God's plan, but in submitting to it as it reveals itself in the circumstances of life.
There is really one shortcut to sanctity - the one Mary chose in the visitation, the one our Lord chose in Gethsamane, abandonment to Divine Will.

Jesus, be the life and light of my soul.

1. Grades to Jody for the semester
2. Check to see what FL requirements are for graduation
3. Check FCCJ for cosmotology school for G1
4. Daily exercise - 4 days per week, I'd really prefer it e six days a week, but I feel like 4x a week is more practical and doable.
5. Update my daily schedule & chore reoutines
6. Implement schedule & chore routines
7. Mom makes breakfast and does morning chores with E, M, G2 Cut G1 out of the morning activities.
8. Family evening prayer time, nightly rosary
9. God to bed earlier -
do I want to go to bed at 10pm or 10:30? Maybe start with 10:30 and move to 10 in a few weeks? Nah....... Go all out.
10. Maintain my quitting smoking.....
Do not start back
11. Healthy living -
more exercise, and get a more active lifestyle into place.
13. Nature walks
14. Nature Study Notebooks
15. Study Botany
16. Study Florida History
17. Florida field trips
18. Read aloud time - daily time (30-60 min) spent reading aloud to the children.
19. Tea Time
I think it is doable to start with a once a week tea time in the afternoon with the kiddies after quiet time, I'd like to have it centered on the liturgical year. So my planning would need to probably be a month at a time to keep ahead of the feasts.
20. Monthly Planning
I want to start doing a frame or skeleton of planning on a regular monthly basis again. So my basic school plans and liturgical year plans in the home are laid out and in place ready to put into practice.
Then I can plan out the field triopos, liturgical feasts and stay on track with our scholastics.
21. Learn Spanish
I want to buy Rosetta Stone (again) and start learning Spanish with the kids.
22. Latin & Spanish
Can we do Spanis and Latina Christiana
23. Be consistent with changes! Develop this skill
24. Wake up earlier and get going in the morning.
Get up and move! I waste too much time drinking coffee and 'meditating' in the morning doing nothing much.
25. Conquer my lazyness
26. blog more than twice this year :0)
27. Continue the habit of keeping my school journal for round 2
28. Bedtime routines for round 2 that include quick bedroom pickupand choosing next days clothing.
29. Morning rountines for round 2 that I do with them, and check up behind.
a. breakfast
b. person hygiene
c. chores
d. morning prayers
e. school
30. Paint the diningroom
31. Paint the kitchen
32. Paint the hallway
33. Paint our bedroom
34. Paint our bathroom
35. Paint the laundry room
36. Mural in the laundry room
37. Paint hallway up the stairs
38. Hang curtain in hall bathroom
39. Decorate the schoolroom, do I want paint or what?
40. Handcrafts..........
41. Teach girls to sew
42. teach girls to crochet
MOM Crafts
43. Decide on and make 2009 Christmas gifts
44. Do more sewing
45. I want to make jammies
46. I want to work in a quilt
47. I want to crochet an afgan for D
48. I want to make a couple wall hangings from my old postcard collection
49. Make scrapbook for MJB for our anniversary
50. Budget - I want to get better control in this area
51. Money to my 2 committments consistently
53. Charities biweekly
54. Stop purchasing things I do not NEED
55. Buy needs, not wants, learn the difference
56. Keep up with reading log
57. Read a book about personal finance and saving for the year.
58. Learn to live beneath my means
59. Be supportive in making good financial decisions for our family...........
60.. Help with family finances by taking some of the heavy lifting in this area. Become involved and ask where I can help.
61. Plant a garden, grow some veggies
Do the research and reading needed for this project
62. Find out about farmers market here
63. Find out about food co-ops here
64. Menu planning, weekly and keep in planner
Stop planning and start doing more
66. Simplify my life,
Less stuff
67. Morning's for Mom
68 Prayer time with MJB, breviary, bible, readings about the Saints.
69. Eveing Prayer time
Family Rosary
70. School Plans
Monthly Themes, Plans, lessons, books and so forth for round 2
71. Turn off the TV
I want t ochange the way our family spends the evenings - not just watching the television every single evening. I want to introduce some new ways to spend our time together. MJB is all for it in theory, so it is just what I do with it from here............
72. Games together
73. Crafts together
74. Bike riding
So, what else?
75. Clean & Purge girls room
76. Clean & purge G2 room
77. Laundry routine
Implementk a daily rountine of keeping up with the laundry. Ironing done at a specific time each week and kept current for MJB.

Well, that will do it for today. I will add more as I think of it.

#75, and #76 are done.

Matt 5:48
Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.

St. Francis de Sales
"We must begin with a strong and constant resolution to give ourselves wholly to God, professing to Him, in a tender, loving manner, from the bottom of our hearts, that we intend to be His without any reserve, and then must often go back and renew this same resolution.

The virtue I am studying this month is "perfection".........................


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