16 January, 2009


So, another day in paradise draws to a close.
My journal has gone AWOL, and I can't seem to find it anyplace. My house is getting more organzed by the day, though.

I was a bit stressed out with the new year; we have my in-law's visiting. I wanted to start with a bang......... new habits, new schedule, and new attitudes. That is a really silly thing to attempt while entertaining company. Maybe it was my lesson for the New Year. Today's lesson? Relationships. I don't want my children miss out on the opportunity to spend time with their grandparents. Relationships are what matter, people matter, living and learning is what matters. Not some forced idea of sitting in our desks and "doing school". So, I have relaxed (working on it) and encouraged the love affair my children and mother and father in law are tending to. G2 has had a wonderful time "working" with his pawpaw.
This I love.

So, another New Years resolution: seize the day, build relationships and learn in our living. Don't miss out on the 'now' trying 'plan for the future'. These are the precious relationships that form us.

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