17 January, 2009


In my list of bookmarked webpages, I have a folder called "Things I think I need to buy". This allows me to bookmark the pages for all the nifty things I find on the internet. Most often, I see a product recommended by another mom and bang! another must have item for my homeschool library.

Right now I am rereading "Laying Down the Rails" (from here: ttp://simplycharlottemason.com/)
This has been one of those really fabulous books that I go back to again and again.
Now I want to purchase this book/DVD set:

Oh, and this one too-
and possibly this one-

How much overlap would there be I wonder? I think it might be fun to host a mom's day out at my house and watch them with my homeschooling mommy friends here.
I have also thought about doing that with the IEW Teaching Writing Structure and Style videos. (Already own this)
Or the Konos video's (own this too, but the ladies I know here don't really seem to be the unit study types).
I guess it is just time to plan it, send out the invites and just do it. Another Nike moment in my new year.

I am looking forward to listening to Cindy Rushton's Ultimate Women's Expo at the end of the month. I love her talks, she is so positive. http://ultimate-womens-expo.com/
DH and my lovely children gave me and ipod for Mother's Day last year. The single best gift ever, I think.

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