22 January, 2009

Today we marched........

I don't have any pictures this year - my teens camera was not along - but we never the less made the trip to downtown and marched for the anniversary of Roe v Wade.
Last year we had just gotten to town, and had been here only a couple days. We knew nobody, but I had a lady from email told me that they would be there, and described what she would be wearing. We walked up to a massive crowd, and she was the first person I saw. Thank you Jesus, for favors granted. A year later, we are terrific friends and so are our daughters who are only 2 weeks apart in age.
It was wonderful today as I walked around, saying the rosary with our new friends.
This city has a wonderful, thriving group of Catholic homeschoolers - lovely ladies, all. We have lots of new friends, and have been welcomed with open arms and hearts. We are involved in activities, and I couldn't have laid out our course better.

At our march for life, there were no oposing views people this year. It was odd I thought, there were loads of them last year. But last year was my first pro-life event - I was alway to afraid to go.....

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