19 November, 2009

Just for Today

Wow! What a great article by Elizabeth Foss.

This year when I was reorganizing the house, and our schoolroom - I actually started purging some of our school things and some of the holiday resources.  Generally speaking, I just pulled everything out, looked through it and chose just what we were actually going to do. 
All the while trying not to feel guilty for not doing enough, or the right kind or what have you.
I read on the 4real learning board, on other Catholic homeschoolers blogs and know I will never achieve that level of ???????  I don't know what.
Something I don't have.
These days I am not even sure I am trying for it anymore. 
We have a pattern that works for our family.  We live the liturgical year as much as we can, and try to live our lives for God.  Even my youngest child knows why we are here: to know, love, and serve God.
Not for ourselves. 

So, I may never enter a lovliness of anything fair online, but I will continue to learn, and know what how other families are trying to live out their faith.  And, just as I always have, I will continue to be inspired to grow by the amazing things that other families manage to pull off.

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