21 November, 2009

Last Sunday of the Liturgical Year - CCD Prep, Advent Planning, etc

I am trying to prepare for my CCD class tomorrow. 
The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King, B
So, in my searching I wonder why the feast is this Sunday on the new calendar, and the last Sunday of October on the traditional calendar. 
I want to teach the girls about the liturgical calendar, and our Church year.
I have been looking for activities to SHOW it to them visually, but it is so difficult to plan for something meaningful, that will stick when I only have 30 or less minutes with them. 
I wish I had a color printer so I could print out a Christ the King picture for tomorrow. I found an amazing black and white one, but it was tiny and I can't get it bigger.

Then, for next week, I want to have an advent project for them, that they can follow through Advent.
So, I saw this blog Under Her Starry Mantle and WOW!  What an amazing project.  And absolutely lovely images. Do I feel inadequate. 
Will I ever be able to get all this together, and live it in such a way as to really impact my children for life? 
Because that is the real purpose, not some artsy, craftsy vision I imagine as "just right".  Color me the Catholic Martha Stewart. 
There are so many talented women out there homeschooling and raising large families.  When I really look at it, I can see the things I am able to accomplish in my home, with my children now - that would have only been a pipe dream years ago.  So, progress is being made.
And that is something afterall.
Progress, not perfect after all..............

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