26 December, 2009

More/year end wrap up and next years plans/resolutions

Look here - a secret Santa kind of 12 days of Christmas activity.
Still feeling uninspired - I think my pep and vigor will return tomorrow.
Still looking for coloring pages...............  to no avail.

So, in the meantime - I will keep looking around, reading the blogs of other Catholic homeschoolers and absorbing the brilliance around me.

My family is playing board games, doing a puzzle and ignoring the sweets we have eaten until we actually don't want anymore.

1.   Good thing, I resolve to work at getting healthy in the New Year.
Diet, exercise, I am quitting smoking (have been taking Chantix for 1 day over a week) and want it to stick!  I have been trying for a number of years - it took me until the past year to come to the place where I actually desperately want to quit smoking.  I need a patron saint of quitting smoking.   I will have to look into that.
This is lifetime project - time to renew my resolve.

Thinking about Gabrielle, what direction we need to take to guide her into her future properly.
I was looking at the SM Davis' talk the influence of the older child on the younger.
I think we can get it on VHS and get her to watch it.
The part that makes me crazy is this, she "knows".  She "forgot", she "knows", she's "sorry".
I need a magic pill for this one, I swear.

2.   I resolve to save money -
Depression era motto I love:
Use it up

Wear it out
Make it do
Do without

2.5     I resolve to become a better steward of all that God has given me. 
I have been reading this blog - Celebrating a Year of Abundance  - it was a couple years ago that she blogged this series.  It is in the spirit of what I am aiming for. 
Voluntary simplicity, frugal living,
Doesn't really seem like #3 - so let's call it 2 and a half.

Part of my clutter clearing, cleaning obsession right now is due to Christmas.
Most of it is due to the fact that my parents have moved in.  My mother is a hoarder.
A selfish, self-centered, psycotic, drug-addicted hoarder.  And she's mean.
Now......    Add on to that the plain simple fact that she can't stand me.
Never could.  So, she is making the little jabs continually day after day. All day long.

Now, I am married to the most wonderful, perfect man in the world.
He is my knight in shining armor, my prince, my hero, my Mr. Perfect in every way.
I have the kind of marriage that I never even knew existed, let alone thought I could have.
Matthew "completes me" to quote some corny movie line.
But, true for us.
So, I have become used to being liked and treated well the coarse of our life together.
I am no longer used to being picked at, insulted, and generally treated poorly day in and day out.
It has been more of a vacation thing.............  that I can leave.
So - I am going to have to develope a new strategy of some sort to deal with the negativity I am now living with.  I suppose I should make this a resolution.
Hoping it will go away never really worked out for me.

3.  Planning & School Goals

4.  Household Goals

5.  Spiritual Goals - happy to report that I have added consistent, daily prayer/reflection time.  I do it in the morning with an abbreviated Liturgy of the Hours.

6.  Books to Read - (let's call this personal improvement - so it sounds like work)

7.  Christmas gifts for next year - I want to plan and make then make these with the children

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