12 January, 2010

Art Supplies & the storage of............

So - I saw this blog:  Wildflower and Marbles and do I every feel lame.

Now, since I no longer have a giant dedicated schoolroom - I am strying to figure out the best and most efficent way to organize our school, books, and supplies. 
So far -

I have 2 giant 4 drawer file cabinets in the garage.
Shelves in the garage
Crates full of supplies, some books and more in the attic (trying for things I don't need constantly)
Shelves in my bedroom, the hall, the kids bedrooms and closets.
And a few stashed in closets. 
My living room shelves are by and large empty, so my parents can put out their things.

But, by stash and dash method is not working for creative bursts.

I don't mind living in a little beige homeschool house, I am good with it after all these years - we DO things.
But, I am so concerned about trying to make sure everyone is comfortable and taken care of.....
So - I am looking for some inspiration.

And a system that will actually work.

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