12 January, 2010

What can I make with a man's shirt


Mom just brought me a giant pile of my dad's outgrown shirts (too big, he's littler now that he had surgery and didn't get to eat for a month.) and started me thinking -
What can I make?
So - I have been reading the Wardrobe Refashion blog, and following it on to other crafty blogs seeing what people are sewing. 
Low and behold - someone or someones already thought of this, and I am not talking shorter sleeves.

Babydoll dress here
Mans polo to a dress
Dress shirt to kids jumper
to sleeveless blouse no real stretch by still
to a peasant blouse
to a skirt
to a babydoll top
Toddler dress
Girls dress
dropwaist dress
Little girl dress - cute

So, where to begin?
I have 8 shirts.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

my favorites are the babydoll shirt (early maternity?), the little girl's dress, and the peasant shirt