12 March, 2010

Wooden Peg Dolls

Inspired by a discussion of "Painted Saints" over at the 4Real Forums I took the plunge.
These are the originals at Catholic Folk Toys
So, so georgous!  Amazing detail.
More than I can afford with my large family and many neices and nephews. . . . . .
Especially when my hubby, mother, and a couple nephews are all artists - so I can get help!

Edit - Please see what Tammy from Catholic Folk Toys commented below.

So I pop over the Casey's Wood purchase a box of people turnings, and I am ready to go.
Insiration from other families doing the Alphabet Path  -
Shower of Roses family did these saints (wow!)
Praying for Grace has St Patrick (handy, ey?)
Cherished Hearts - also brilliant
Blair's Blessings did saints and their family!  Impressive.

Then I started looking some more -
Grace Violet did little wooden people necklaces - see here
See the Christmas ones she did here

Unbelievable variety of sizes and types of wood dolls att silly Doe!
Whimsical blog dolls here and here (I know a whole bunch of people who will be getting Ninja's back in TX)

Instructions at ehow
Loads of links, examples and instructions right over here (from 2005, where have I been!)
Fairie instructions at Little Sister - when Mary sees these, I am pretty sure we'll do this once anyway
Coats & Clark pattern
Magic Mom - really might be, see Mickey Mouse and Curious George

And, finally - can't start a project without a visit to Crafty Crow

Okey dokey - I am now feeling properly inspired, have printed out my pages of examples, gathered my supplies and cleared the dining room table - I am ready to begin.
If I get lucky - pictures will be forthcoming.


Catholic said...


I am Tammy, the creator of CatholicFolkToys and would like to make a correction as to the price you posted. They have always been $15 each and until recently have been shipped free. The only ones that are $30 are the wedding cake toppers which I sell as a couple again making them $15 each. The site is currently under construction and I am sorry if it has caused any confusion regarding pricing etc...

Thank you,

Texas Exiles said...

Hey Tammy, sorry for my confusion.
I just put the price shown at the website.
I will remove it........