15 April, 2010

Garden Update - April 7th

Blackberries - on the other side of the fence in our "CRP".
Looking good!

Flower boxes - one for each of us.  We painted them cute.
They hold herbs mostly.
Radishes come up fastest.

mystery plant
mystery plant

mystery row

Beans in the big pots. Marigolds in the cynderblocks.
6 Year old son was bored after the first one.
I made him finish anyway :0)

This is cilantro on top of the tomatoes.

Tomatoes - looking good!

Noon, sunny and clear 75ish degrees.  We were out between 11am and 2pm.  I noticed that our boxed hebs weren't getting much sun.  So, that's why they don't look very good!  I wondered why they had that funny green moss looking stuff on the dirt.
So, I moved them over by the garden in full sun.

We also planted some seedlings today. (4/7)
Green Peppers
Snow Peas
Bachelor Buttons

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