19 June, 2010

Some sewing ideas for mens shirts

I was reading this blog and love the bow.
The second shirt down is darling, but  I don't really do spagetti straps except it could be cute over a long sleeve dress or top.
Down more are some tunic and babydoll tops - cute, cute, cute.

I ran across these reusable swiffer duster cloths and am really thinking that this might be a fun project for the kiddies.

Homemade laundry soap recipe.  I really want to try this soon.  I need to order supplies so I have them on hand when I empty my container.

I am nuts for this little hankie baby bonnet.  I am seeing one of these in my very near future.

I miss being able to have my sewing machine set up - having a sewing area that stays set up.
Makes it a lot easier to do things.
Maybe in our new house.

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Amanda said...

have you tried the duggar laundry detergent recipe? you're welcome to just take some of mine and see how you like it...

btw... it does NOT have to have that kind of soap -- ivory and others work fine too
washing soda and borax are available in the laundry aisle at publix... so you don't have to order anything (and then no S&H)

for $10 I have enough laundry detergent to easily last me 5 years