19 June, 2010

Moving, Crafts I want to pursue, and more

We are moving to Pennsylvania some time this summer. 
It looks like Matt will be going July 18th.  So,  a month or two later - 4 children, 4 dogs, 1 mother (I hear Lunatic Fringe playing in my mind right now) and I will be heading north. Presumably from this house to our new house. 

As unusual, when we move I purge.  I mean really purge.  I have way to many things to do to be messing around with a bunch of junk I may or may not need someday.   So, I make daily trips to the charity drop - except Matthew and I are sharing a car now.  How awful will that be for me when he has gone to PA?

Trying to do any type of organization or purging when you live with a hoarder (mom) is enough to send you right over the ragged edge.

One of the other things I do is start working on projects - it seems to keep me out of trouble :0) 
So, I have been wanting to try to make envelope books:  this one looks doable, and  I like the looks of this one, too. 

I have been pursing a bunch of different sewing blogs lately - just when I start to think I might have a smidge of originality I run into a wardrobe refashion crowd (and the I began following links to the other members blogs) and see that my own personalization and tailoring of my wardrobe is by no means revolutionary.  Lots of other gals make jammies from sheets, notecards from scraps of fabric and buttons, and unravel sweaters for the yarn.  And furthermore - loving expensive (but thrifted for cheap or stolen from family members) mens dress shirts and wanting to make them into something better that a "boyfriend shirt" (you know, roll up the sleeves and wear it anyway) is not even a new thought.  BUT, BUT, BUT - I found dozens of ideas for making dresses for the girls, peasantish shirts for me and a whole host of other items (no, no, no, to the mini skirt dresses good gravy!).  I can't wait to try.
When I am nervous I have to keep busy, or go crazy.  So, I clean, I organize, I craft.

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Michelle said...

We will miss your sweet family at church. You are in our prayers!

God bless,
The Messers from IC