19 June, 2010

Thinking - Screen Doors

What I just read over at Holy Experience was amazing.  The Work of All Kids: How to Forgive Our Parents is the name of the post. 
And what I most appreciate is the how to get there ideas at the bottom.
Here is the one I think I can handle:

1. Be a Screen Door

Like the wind blows through a screen door, let blustry comments, stormy blasts just blow right past. Incidents can only hit hard if you have your front door closed. But having a screen door policy allows all the pain to blow by....

It might be different if my situation were different.  I could think happy thoughts, and assume the best when we lived far apart.
But, having my parents live with us has really changed my ability to maintain right thinking, right actions, and serenity in general.   I struggle with anger I haven't felt in decades, I find myself struggling to maintain changes I purposefully and painfully made in myself as an adult - to be positive, to be kind, to try to live my convictions and serve my Lord in everything, every moment of every day.   Right now, I am failing....
I hate myself for my weakness.
I pray God for the strength and courage to change.

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