21 November, 2009

LIturgy of the Hours, Divine Office, Breviary

Found this today:

This is what I was looking for:

large enough to print out. 
Still looking.

Then there is this:

Explination here:  http://www.ewtn.com/expert/answers/breviary.htm
I read this one:  Christian Prayer, a one-volume edition of the Liturgy of the Hours (Catholic Book Pub.). This version contains the complete texts of Morning and Evening Prayer for the entire year. It lacks the variety of proper readings and prayers found in the four volume edition. However, it makes a good "starter edition" for the laity, and generally is adequate for following along in community recitation of the Office. There is also a large print edition for the visually impaired.

I always think I want the big 4 volume number - but I actually use the one I have now.
I also listen to the LOH and daily readings in the morning when I am getting ready on podcast.
Ipod is certainly one of the coolest inventions EVER.
Check this out:  http://divineoffice.org/

I am looking for this - Little Office of the Blessed Virgin http://www.kellerbook.com/PARVUM~1.HTM
I have it printed out in pdf, but it just isn't the same as holding the book.

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