25 December, 2009

Solemnity of Christmas

Merry Christmas!

It has been a lovely day all in all.  Matthew, my dad, Mary and I all went to Mass at 10am.  My mom, Gabrielle, Eizabeth went at noon.  Gregory is a sick so he needed to stay home. 
The children didn't get up until after 7am.  I was quite surprised....  I kept waking up in anticipation of being woke up.  Ha!  You never get what you expect when you are a mom, I guess.

So, today is the first day of Christmas.  Advent is over and Christmas begins.  I forget how long exactly it lasts.  I will figure it out again in the next few days.  I was at the Catholic Culture site tonight, while my family was playing Mario Cart on the Wii looking at the 12 days of Chistmas articles they have there.  I found a few activities and recipes I want to incorporate.  I will try to keep them all posted.  Perhaps, even get up a picture.  That would be a surprise.  I was also looking for 12 days of Christmas coloring pages - to no avail.  I have this super little book with the 12 days coloring pages - but it is in my 365 file cabinet - which is blocked from access in my garage.

I saw this website a while back Just Another Day in Paradise and wow!  Waltzing Matilda is pretty impressive in her perparations, too. I stand in awe of the talent, creativity and ability to manage so many tasks in the homemaking, homeschooling and lives in general. The 4 Real Learning Boards have the same effect on me.  I just have to keep reminding myself, that I can't compare my insides with other peoples outsides.  My goal is getting my family to Heaven.  To live our faith - for Catholic to be who we are not just something we do on Sunday. So, just for today, I will be content in the knowledge that my children are Catohlic, they understand their faith.  The regularly question different aspects of what we are discussing, celebrating, or recognizing for any particular day.  That IS what I am working for. 

I jsut learned how to use the link button.  I will join the new technology age one way or another I guess.

So, now I begin thinking about my plans for the New Year (2010) what I will make for new resolutions. 
Sitting beside my journal about to open it and see where I stand with last years goals.  .  .  .
I have my usual: quit smoking, lose weight, exercise and same money............
And those I will continue to work on.

12 days of Christmas
12 days of Christmas
12 days of Christmas

Tonight, I am tired.

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